The IPL Satta Market of Jammu


Today is the last day of the Indian Premier League and the finalists Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are meeting once again as in the 2013 finals of this tournament which is now for some odd reason being advertised as a ‘Festival of India’. Khair.

This incidentally also happens to be the season of the bookies and of hardcore betting in India along with the obvious countries which make money out of this extravaganza. Elaborate networks and preparations and the sheer stupefying numbers of the green and red coloured currency notes in the metros sort of make the betting or the Satta Bazaar of Jammu quite a forgettable affair in comparison. It has been picking up, however, and the number of youngsters actually betting in Jammu has increased considerably for the quick money it offers.


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Where all does it happen in Jammu?


It is happening now, it has happened throughout this month and your own neighbourhood is probably an area that comes into the purview of IPL betting as well. So everywhere. You have any college going boys in your colony who seem to suddenly start doing better on the money front during the IPL season? Chances are they are involved in small scale betting and this is not a mere allegation. It may seem widespread and consequently may also seem 

How is betting done?

The premise is pretty simple which is also why so many people participate in betting in the first place. As far as Jammu is concerned the level of betting is mostly confined to your every Gali and Mohalla. 

1. It could be based on the teams winning or losing so obviously there is always a favourite team.

Now this is assuming that you are new to the concept of betting. Now let us assume CSK and Kings XI Punjab are playing. CSK has won IPL a few times and Kings have only got close to finals so CSK become the favourites. Now if me and you were to bet with a bookie, both of us will probably end up betting our money on CSK and because most people would do the same, the return reduces. Say you invested Rs. 100 on CSK, you would get back a total of Rs 150 and so a rate of 1.5 percent.

However, if you bet your money on Punjab the rates increase. Why? Because everyone assumes that the weaker team will lose. If however Punjab wins, you can get any decided rate. 1 ka 10 or even 1 ka 20. This is the most common basis in the betting scene anywhere.

2. The per ball/over/batsmen/bowler betting

IPL provides many broader areas of experimentation.

-One may bet if a ball will go for a blank, six, four, double, single, no ball, wide and what not.

-One may bet on the score till say five overs. One may bet upon the range of score after 20 overs. One may bet the number of overs a team will play before they win or get all out.

-One may bet if a batsman will score a fifty, or on the way he will get out. The number of fours a batsman will hit, the number of sixes the batsman will hit and so on and so forth.

-Bowlers are probably the least bet upon entities in IPL. A bet may be placed on the number of overs that will be given to the bowler, or the total wickets the bowler will take or the number of runs he will go for finally. Star bowlers carry higher stakes.

3. The make-your-own-team betting

This is the most interesting as it replicates cricket rules. There is a toss between two bettors for who will choose the first batsman in his team. Say you win the toss and ask for Gayle and I ask for Kohli. A team of three or four players can be made and the final difference between the team scores gives the returns.

Say the set rate is 20 on 1. Your team of four players scores 90 and my team scores 150; the difference is 60 runs and you owe me Rs 1200.

Now these are small stakes for smaller cities like Jammu. These are the more common betting formats but you can literally bet on anything  that you have seen happening on a cricket field. These common formats are replicated in the bigger betting markets. Just the stakes change because the Big Boys play there.

So Who is going to win today?

1 ka 10, 1 ka 10