The Kishtwar man who helped kill 150 militants wants to meet PM


Mohammad Saleem Wani helped security forces to kill about 150 militants. The courageous man hails from Kishtwar region which was considered to be a highly militant prone area a decade back. While talking to U4Uvoice he said that he can still recall the details about 113 militants.


One incident happened with him in 90’s where he received threats from the militant groups as he did not had the habit of going to mosque every day. But due to the threats, he made a decision to go and experience what they will be teaching him. He explained that he went to the mosque where they taught him to read and write Arabic. And during Sharjah Cup when one of the series was won by Pakistan, all the members celebrated Pakistan’s victory using crackers and other things. After few days, India won a series so Mohammad Saleem who could not contain his excitement,so he went to the same place and celebrated India’s victory with the same passion which offended his teachers. Later in the evening when he went to attend the classes, they started poking him by enquiring the reasons to celebrate India’s victory, due to which an altercation ensued and he stopped going for evening classes.

Mohammad Saleem

Mohammad Saleem is a true patriot at heart and according to him; he never found any reason to raise slogans against his country. He helped Indian Army to kill terrorists in the valley at various places and he claims that none of his operations have failed ever. In Doda area, he has helped the Indian Army to exterminate militants. He has helped security forces to carry out operations in Doda, Kishtwar, Bhaderwah areas.


Mohammad Saleem

He carried out all the operations while wearing the army uniform. And once when he was moving to some relative’s place with his family, few militants including the top commander Tanveer Ahmed tried to kill him but somehow he saved himself along with his family. There are many security issues which he cannot handle alone without government’s help and that is what he wants for the moment. He still has a noticeable scar due to gunfire near his ear.

In his family, he has a wife, two sons and a daughter but they never got the opportunity to get education owing to poor financial condition of the family. He is not receiving any sort of financial help from the government or the security forces. He does not even have the provision for any kind of security and it is a matter of grave concern for him because he is on the target of militants.

Mohammad Saleem

He even has the documents which he has forwarded to the state government from time to time requesting financial help.

Mohammad Saleem


Mohammad Saleem wants to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to tell the PM about his love for the country.

Mohammad Saleem

And he still has a desire to serve his country if he will ever be given any opportunity as he is sitting idle at home. He does not want to name few people who have stopped him to achieve his goals due to their higher influence on the society.

We believe that if such people will be given financial assistance by the government, it can help to keep the passion alive in them and their families.

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