The Legend of Bhairav Mandir, Jammu


Jammu the famous city of temples is a place with numerous spiritual places with fascinating histories.

Today we take a religioys trip to Bhairav Mandir, Chowk Chabutra, the only Bhairav temple in the city. The old history of the temple is depicted by  the architecture and idols of the temple.

The 100 decades old temple comes under Shri Bhairav Trust and is maintained by Pandit Rumil Sharma who is the head priest of the temple. The temple is famous for worshipping Kaal Bhairaya who is believed to reside in Bhrikuti (eyebrows) of lord shiva. There are twelve different forms of  Bhairav which are worshipped in this temple. Batuk Bhairav Ji, Prachand Bhairav Ji, Kaal Bhairav Ji etc.

bhairav mandir chowk chabutra jammu

It is believed that Kaal Bhairav Ji himself appeared at this place that is the reason behind the name of the temple. Since Kaal Bhairav Ji is believed to be the God of nine planets and all kuldevta’s which results in huge rush at the temple for the lord’s blessings. Bhairav Nath is considered as the fifth Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva .

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In Kalyuga it is mandatory to worship the lord since he is solely responsible for helping us to keep us safe from all troubles. The routine aarti and chanting hymns are done in the same manner, first prayer is done for Lord Shiva and then for Lord Bhairav.

Lord shiva had himself said that Lord Bhairav will safegaurd his devotees during kalyuga. The devotees who suffer trouble in life are given advices to lead a happy life with the blessings of the lord.”Bhandara” is organised every Sunday, Monday and Saturday at 7 p.m and also are arranged on KaaL Bhairav Ashtami the day when the lord gives appearance on earth and thus special prayers and rituals are performed with beautiful decorations in the temple.

The regular aarti is performed at 7.p.m in the evening where many devotees gather to preach the Lord.


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