The Legend of Naina Devi temple


Naina Devi temple is a hill top temple situated in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. The hill top temple is dedicated to Maa Naina Devi, one of the form of Maa Shakti and also considered as one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Naina Devi temple is build where the eyes of Mata Sati’s fell. The sight is a holy place for Hindu’s.


Three Different historical stories of the temple you definitely didn’t know about

Naina devi temple belongs to Hindu as well as Sikh people. There are three stories behind Naina devi temple.


Story 1: 


According to first mythological story , it is said that when goddess Sati or known as Parvati burnt herself in bonefire, Lord Shiva got distressed, corpse of his wife Sati on his shoulder and started Tandav dance across the country.

All deities were angered with it and lord Vishnu released his Chakra and cut sari’s body in 51 pieces. That is why there are 51 shaktipeeths in country , Naina devi temple is place where maà sari’s eyes fell down. So called naina devi temple in which nain means eyes.


Story 2 :

Shri Naina Devi temple is also linked with Mahishasur, so called as Mahishapeeth also.

Mahishasur was immortal as power given by lord Brahma but with one condition that unmarried woman would defeat him.

He started terror everywhere, later he got impressed with beauty of maa naina devi and proposed her for marriage. But Devi put a condition that she will marry only if he will defeat her.

Devi naina killed demon and took her both eyes out. So called as naina devi temple.


Story 3:

According to Sikh believe it is said that Guru Govinda singh ji left his military against Mughals in year 1756,he did yagna for blessings of thedess naina devi.After maa naina devi’s blessings,Guru Nanak dev ji defeated Mughals so Maa naina devi temple is also called as “Temple of Strength” .