The Legend Of Pracheen Hanuman Mandir, Moti Bazaar.

One of the historic temples of Jammu “Pracheen Hanuman Mandir” is worshipped by the devotees throughout the city for the eternal faith on the preacher of lord ram.

The temple is believed to be more than 200 years old. It was taken care by late Pandit Mohan lal palasar resident of Pacca Danga, Jammu.

It is believed that initially the sculpture of Hanuman disappeared from the temple magically and created a hole in the ceiling. Then the sculpture was again re-established by the guru of Pandit Mohan lal.

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Males put sindoor on Hanuman as Lord Ram gave a boon to all his devotees that those who apply sindoor to Hanuman and observe hanuman puja with sindoor would be blessed with a long, happy life and have their wishes fulfilled.

For this reason sindoor is mixed in til (sesame) oil and applied to the entire body of Lord Hanuman. This is also called as Chola Chandana. People take back a little sindoor from Lord Hanuman as prasad and wear it on their foreheads.

 Devotees all around the city visit the temple every day as they have an abiding faith on the deity and have experienced the results of their faith. Tuesday is the most busy day of the temple as it the day of Lord Hanuman.

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