The Legend of Sri Hemkunt Sahib!

History of Hemkund Sahib

The Gurdwara is known for its rich historical importance. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in his former life by the name Rishi Medhasa (The famous Rishi of Durga Saptashati of Markandeya Purana) had selected this place for penance, where the king -Pandu of Hastinapur had also been practicing Yoga.

Pilgrims from across the country visited the shrine and for all those who don’t know about this holy place.

  • The Gurdwara remains closed for most of the time in a year and closes 15 days before Dussehra.
  • One visit is must for every GurSikh in his lifetime and the sanctity of the spot is beyond one’s imagination!
  • This sacred “tapa asthana” of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji faces extremes of weather. Hemkunt Sahib gets snow all around the year and the temperatures are akin to Siachen Glacier.

  • The free kitchen service and en route free distribution of dry fruits goes a long way to talk about the selfless service.
  • The low oxygen supply given the altitude of the place forces many devotees to come down by the evening.
  • The Indian Army is a key helper to pave a way in snow and make the path accessible to the innumerable devotees visiting the shrine.


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