The Legend of Ziyarat Peer Mitha, Jammu


Shrine of Peer Mitha is a famous Muslim shrine in Jammu. Peer Mitha was a contemporary of Ajaib Dev and Ghareeb Nath – both saints were famous for their prophecies and miracles. “Mitha” means “the sweet one”, for the Peer would accept nothing more than a pinch of sugar in offering from his devotees.

Situated in the center of the city of Jammu, Ziarat Peer Mitha is a prominent religious shrine of Jammu and Kashmir. According to a religious legend, Ziarat came to be widely called by the name of Peer Mitha as the famous religious leader received a small amount of sugar as symbol of oblations. The holy shrine of Ziarat Peer Mitha imparts an aesthetic appeal to the entire surrounding.

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The beautifully decorated tomb and Mosque represent the rich architectural developments of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Amidst the picturesque landscape of Jammu and Kashmir, the artistically designed tomb and Mosque symbolize the zenith of architectural splendor of ancient times.

The giant structure of the religious shrines add to the old glory and grandeur of the beautiful city of Jammu. Ziarat Peer Mitha is one such magnificent illustration of the religious fervor of the indigenous local inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir.The religious shrine of Ziarat Peer Mitha draws several devotees who are absolutely enthralled and enchanted with the divine sanctity of the place.