The Modern idea of Love


We are living in a world where we trick ourselves and the people we are with at different points in our lives into believing that the love we are getting is all the love that we are worth. We don’t give our heart in relationships and then, we complain about the idea of love is flawed, and non-existent. We basically blame one of the most innocent and purest feelings in the world for all our actions. We blame love for our lack of it.

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We find relationships that are not based on a love that binds and attracts, but, are based on safety, advantage, practical possibility and comfort zones.

Modern love has become the same that are shown in movies where one realizes the mistake after marrying someone else out of convenience.

We enter these relationships for financial, societal, and physical reasons. We’ve become too comfortable to start over and ruin our chances of experiencing love in its truest forms. The youth has become afraid of obligations. They’re okay with being in a relationship where love has reason than being in a relationship where it’s without any reason.

Modern love counts the reasons to love a person, which does not fit the true definition of love. It is not something to be quantified. We’ve become so used to having everything under control that love looks scary. The true idea of love has become stale.

One-night stands have become a priority because they come with no responsibilities. Sadly, the ones we pretend not to love are the ones who we truly love. We’re too afraid to let that love be known and realized. We choose the comfort zones over the magic, we choose reason over happiness and we choose convenience over love.

But is it worth?