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The most corrupt departments in Jammu and Kashmir


Srinagar, October 12: According to the State Vigilance Commission (SVC) report, weak internal vigilance system is being attributed as the primary reason for the delay in disposal of corruption cases against officials. The report deals with the cases of corruption received by the State Vigilance Commission after the concerned department failed to redress it.

Pertinently, the report was tabled in the ongoing autumn session of the Legislative Council.

The report on the cases of corruption filed in various government departments till December 2014 has observed most cases are of ‘trivial nature’. The tag ‘trivial nature’ implies that the cases can easily addressed by a department with a strong internal vigilance system. This could have led to the quick disposal and redressal of grievances of general public and resultant good governance.

As per the report, in 2014, there were 2,160 complaints of corruption filed in SVC, out of which 1,173 were disposed off while the remaining was controversial. The cases which the SVC redressed resulted in recommending registration of FIRs in 26 cases.

Also, the report said that most of the complaints were received against officials of the following departments thereby making them eligible enough to register their name in the list of most corrupt departments in the state. These departments are

State Engineering Departments

Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD)

Revenue and Police Departments

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