The Mother Divine: Brahmacharini

Nav Durga

The Mother Divine manifests herself in nine different forms with each form signifying something subtle and deep. Discover the hidden meanings of the nine goddesses or the Nav Durga. The Second Manifested form is known as Brahmcharini.


This is a very important thing to understand – one is movement and the other is presence. This is what Brahmacharya means. Brahmacharya means not indulging in small things, not getting stuck in small limited things but indulging in the whole. Celibacy is also said to be synonymous with Brahmacharya because in that you are dealing with the greater whole and not with limited parts. Lust is always in parts, it is the localized movement of consciousness. So, Brahmacharini is the consciousness that is all-pervading.

What is sattva?

This world is made up of five elements and these five elements have three qualities, that is:

  • Sattva (the quality that brings forth positivity)
  • Rajas (the quality that brings forth activity)
  • Tamas (the quality that brings forth inertia)

All spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, fasting, silence, etc., increase the level of sattva in us. When sattva increases, it bring forth knowledge, alertness, awareness and joy in life, as these qualities come along with sattva. That is why taking out time to follow all these practices, such as fasting, chanting, meditation, etc., is very meaningful. It enhances the quality of life and brings forth more joy and happiness. Fasting greatly increases the sattva level of the body as it detoxifies and cleanses the system, which many a times gets stressed by overindulgence in food. Besides fasting, eating proper food on a regular basis also increases the sattva in the body.

Eating proper food means eating only as much as is essential, that can be well digested. You don’t feel too heavy when you go to bed, or when you wake up in the morning, or when you sit for meditation. The right amount of fresh food which is gently spiced is sattvic food.

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