The newest Kashmiri face in Bollywood


Srinagar: The latest talk of the town is Bollywood’s newest discovery from Kashmir. 10-year old Abrar from Nawakadal will be featuring as Pip in the forthcoming flick Fitoor, which is an adaptation of Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. Abrar is playing the childhood version of the character the adult of which is played by Aashiqui 2 fame actor Aditya Raj Kapoor.Fitoor Boy (4)
Abrar landed the role in Fitoor after the film crew conducted a marathon audition. Abrar also happens to have a close resemblance with Kapoor which was one of the biggest reasons behind him getting lucky.

Fitoor Boy (3)

But, Abrar then went one step ahead and sat in formal acting classes so that the tag of he-got-lucky-because-of-his-resemblance did not get pasted on him. And now, when the results are out, everyone seems to be in awe with his character.Fitoor Boy (2)

Abrar belongs to the old part of the city which is always in news about ‘mishappenings’ and his being a part of a major bollywood movie that also features Katrina Kaif is much welcome news.Ajaz (2)

Another individual, Ajaz Rah, a Singer from valley is also playing an important part in the movie. After having landed this opportunity, Ajaz is planning to settle in Bollywood town to get more attention for his talent.

Ajaz (1)

The movie “Fitoor” is releases next month.


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