The newly adopted tactics by JKPSC to leak papers


To begin with, it would be unfair to say that everyone employed by JKPSC presently is a corrupt official. Who are the honest ones are difficult to say though but they may actually be some officials doing their work sticking to the code of personal ethics.

J&K Public Service Commission (PSC) has managed to make it repeatedly to the newspapers on the account of unfailing incompetency, unending lethargy but most importantly, for playing with the lives of thousands of aspirants in Jammu and Kashmir but adopting a new way to leak papers.

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The JKPSC gene for corruption is so dominant that widespread criticism by mainstream media as well as by social media has not changed the functioning of the highest authority in the state for conducting exams.

It is to be noted that those sitting at the helm of affairs should normally be perturbed by repeated allegations of corruption and inefficiency. If even one official sitting in top management is honest, the racketeers would be wary of chicanery. The newest trend of leakage has continued now for three exams and that goes on to speak oceans about the integrity of those running JKPSC.

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Let us begin with pointing out the most recent example of leaking of papers by the corrupt operatives.

The question paper for the most recent screening test for 10 +2 lecturers was source of amazement for many aspirants as almost all, ninety percent, of the questions in the exam were from a guide called Popular Master Guide (NET ,SET).

The guide referred to here, is an English literature book from the R Gupta Series authored by H S Bhatia.

The screening test paper of A series, for instance, had 90% of its questions (Multiple Choice Questions) from page 3 to 10 of the MCQs of R Gupta series English literature book.

Now those at the PSC can claim that the questions could be similar or that some of the questions are routinely taken from such available material but ninety percent is a tad too far. The confirmation comes from the fact that the typing errors in the book have been repeated in the exam as well.

The JKPSC, standardly, uploads syllabus on its website before any written exam/screening test is to be conducted. However, for the English Literature exam, most candidates rued the fact that most questions did not fall within the prescribed syllabus. .

Obviously, the ‘EXPERTS‘ who set the exam, using freaking guide books in the markets, knew the syllabus. Or didn’t they, Dear JKPSC?

The Problem with this Scam

Thousands of aspirants regularly take the exams administered by JKPSC toiling day and night for months and years together to land a coveted job in the government. They work according to the syllabus and not crack the exam in the end because they did not know that the ‘experts‘ are going to set the exam from a single guide in the market. Experts is just a sarcastic way to say that ‘unqualified touts’ set the exam, just by the way.

Can it be safe to assume that some students, knew about the setting of test from a book in the market? It can be likely, yes. After all, why go through the trouble of stealing papers and making copies and leaking them out. Just get paid by a candidate and tell the candidate to buy a book from the market and tell the pages with the questions. Life becomes easy this way!

It is quite plain to observe now that the pundits of English literature did not set the question paper of the screening test. Sadly, the PSC vehemently claims of paying specialists a fees for setting the question papers.

It would be interesting to see how JKPSC contends the same allegations which were risen at the recently concluded Urdu and Physics lecturer’s exam (10+2). The trend of copying the questions from single books has remained static. Those officials at the helm of affairs claim transparency. They need to answer how setting up an exam from one book does not favour a few candidates. Things cannot work repeatedly on luck.

Three Point Solution To clearing the Recruitment process at JKPSC solution does exist

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1 If people are infact paid a fees to setup the exam, all the questions must never feature from one single book. This way those who have prepared hard for the exam would have a fair chance of cracking the exam.

2. A video-recording of the entire interview process needs to be in place so that it can be verified if dubious candidates were not preferred over other candidates.

3. Only the Chairman should know about the interviewing panel the members of which are to be informed only an hour before the interview. This way both favouritism for an aspirant as well as bribery of known officials can be contained.

The JKPSC Chairman needs to check this trend because it points to many problems that are tarnishing the image of the body. The scoundrels and the sharks need to be identified and they need to be dealt with law severely, helping to set up examples for the integrity of JKPSC.