The only road to Narwal Oil Depot in a wretched condition- prone to hazardous accidents


By Citizen Journalist Sidhaansh Gupta

The one and only route to Narwal Oil Depot is prone to hazardous accidents because of its wrecked condition. There are n numbers of potholes on this one Kilometer stretch and every few steps the road is either severely damaged or completely broken. The narrow road is the only route to the depot and all the trucks carrying oil to the depot are seen bumping into each other every now and then.

Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot

In addition, the road is full of uncountable potholes and the vehicles on the road are forced to strike each other throughout the broken road. These minor accidents can even result in a hazardous blast in the worst case. The road has a narrow bridge, which again is cramped and offers barely any room for more than one vehicle to pass. The stretch that lasts about a kilometer is massively accident prone and is so broken at some places that cars or any vehicle, for that matter, can roll over to the other end of the road. The condition worsens whenever there is heavy rain as the potholes are filled with water and there is more risk of road mishaps.

Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot Narwal oil Depot

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