‘The Principal used to sendout girls to customers based on roll numbers’


Jharkhand April 5: A govt school principal who is also a warden of the same school’s hostel has been arrested for allegedly running a sex racket. The allegation has come from a class 11 student of her school who had to undergo an abortion to end her pregnancy last Friday.

The school in question is Kasturba Gandhi Girls School in Godda.

Bijli Kumari who is the Principal and warder of the school, according to the victim had taken her out last October under the pretext of a small outing. This is when she took the victim in a dark room where a male was waiting for her.The warden forced the victim to sleep with the male and she was raped eventually. The victim has alleged that since the room was dark, she cannot identify the man. It was after a few months when she realised that she was pregnant that she approached the new warden of the school, Kalyani Chaturvedi, who gave her abortive pills. The condition of the girl worsened and her parents had to be called when the girl related the whole incident to her parents.

The victim has also aleged that the warden used to send girls to different men based on their roll-numbers. An investigation team tried to verify the facts by asking the students from class 8 through class 12, but all the girls denied the sex racket. However, the allegations by the victim has raised serious questions on the school.


Warden Kalyani Chaturvedi told the Telegraph, “During the PT class last Friday, the girl started bleeding profusely akin to the bleeding during a medical abortion. When asked, the girl clarified that she was in a ‘relationship’ with an elder man. Her father also agreed to the same and told us to close down the issue. The girl, however, changed her statement the very next day.”

Kalyani also said that the girl used to frequently be absent from class after taking admission in August 2015.

After the abortion, the girl has told the police that both Kalyani and Bijli not only sent the girls to males but also provided them with contraceptive pills.

The report from the hospital, according to the Telegraph, confirms an abortion but there are no marks that may result out of use of force.

Meanwhile, Kalyani Chaturvedi and Bijli Devi have been arrested by the police and the case is under investigation where the police is also in talks with the students of the said girl school.

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