The real reason behind the UNREST in Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir

CJ Ramit Malhotra

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The Handwara episode followed by NIT Srinagar unrest is a beginning to create a 1990 type situation in valley again. Hurriyat hardliner Geelani who wants to ensure that all separatist groups should revolve round him and follow his steps to disturb the situation in Valley again.

Geelani and his people backed by Pakistan and its militant organizations don’t want that situation should normalize in Kashmir and peace should return to Kashmir which has already witnessed a lot of bloodshed during the last 26 years of ravage.

Sources said Geelani and his supporters are leaving no opportunity in defaming the Indian army and security forces by provoking the valley people against them.

This is not for the first time separatists have tried such gestures but such episodes have taken place in Valley many times in past during the time of tourist interest in visiting the valley giving a second thought to the tourist whether to visit Kashmir or not and there fore hits the economy of the state.

The situation in 2010 and 2012 was fuelled with the same policy of the separatists.

Political parties like NC too faced same problem during 2010 and 2012 summer and Congress which was the coalition partner of NC during that time instead of taking on terrorists and Separatists, they are unnecessary playing politics over Handwara issue to deceive Mehbooba and her party, sources added.

Sources said this way the opposition is doing no good to itself too as they are only interested in vote politics and to score numbers over its rivals.

Action should be taken against those who harm the interests of all Kashmiris irrespective of their religion caste and colour. The day the mainstream parties realize this reality, the separatists will withdraw their ideas and will hide themselves once for all for peace and prosperity in the Valley.