The reality behind 11 people getting stuck in GMC Hospital elevator


Jammu, September 7: The central government had recently praised the Health Department of Jammu and Kashmir for making leaps in the provision of good health facilities in the state. A bigger feat was achieved last year under former health minister and now forest minister, Lal Singh, when the state was awarded the first award for the best health facilities in the country in an India Today programme.

The ground reality is far from these hollow accomplishments as can be gauged from the fact that out of the nine elevators in Government Medical College and Hospital (GMC&H) and the nearby Super Specialty Hospital (SSH), only three are functional and not to full capacity.

GMC Trapped Lift

For over 10 months now, the GMC has been relying on just one elevator which by any means is shocking considering GMC is the only tertiary hospital in all of Jammu division and it naturally sees a rush from all the adjoining districts. Sources from within the hospital confirmed that yesterday’s event where eleven people including an elderly patient were stuck in the elevator for almost an hour is not the first. The issue came to notice only because someone clicked the images from within the elevator and circulated them.

GMC elevators commonly experience technical snags and the technical teams almost always are not around to rescue the situation from worsening like it did today.

The patients and their attendants were trapped inside the Elevator at GMC for forty-five minutes and were later evacuated by using emergency keys.

After the rescue, the elevator took another hour to be made functional according to sources and so the elevator was not available for use for almost 2 hours.

At the GMC only one out of four Elevators is functional according to sources who added that even the one elevator collapses almost every other day.

In the Super Specialty Hospital, sources informed only two elevators out of the five are functional.

For over ten months nothing has been done to replace the other three obsolete elevators at GMC. Sources confirmed that the non-functional elevators are beyond repair and the overloading in the single elevator is soon to completely damage the lone elevator as well. The authorities know about this but nothing has been done say the sources.

“We have informed the concerned authorities a number of times for providing AMC and CMC funds but every time the excuse is paucity of funds”, sources informed.

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