The relationship between Indian Army and Kashmiri Locals

This video, which has been circulating on Social Media shows the sentiment shared by Kashmiris against the Indian Army, which is present in Kashmir to safeguard India against militancy. Even if you do not understand Kashmiri, you can clearly hear a person screaming to get petrol. Why petrol is being asked for is not something that needs to be elaborated upon. Watch!


One thought on “The relationship between Indian Army and Kashmiri Locals

  • February 21, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    showing just one part of this, why don’t you show the rest when Indian army kills the people of Kashmir including women, youth, children, old, Indian army raped an entire village, need proof go for google, come to Kashmir see yourself, why don’t you upload that video when in 2014 same people saved more than 1000 army Jawan in floods and kept them into their houses and shared their own food with army.


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