The relationship between police and summer heat


By Citizen Journalist Paarth Mehta

The citizens of all the states in India share a love-hate relationship with the cops in general. We think they do not work, they think we do not follow rules and well both the facts are true. We break rules and that is why the cops exist to not work.

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One only needs to imagine the relationships that cops share with the summer heat. We do not move out of our enclosures – homes, offices and other places during summers simply to avoid the killer heat. The cops, poor cops stand in the sun all day and they are humans after all.

Well this is the Janipur, Roop Nagar check-post and I was just passing by. I saw this cop sleeping and by God, it first angered me. I clicked a picture and screamed at him to wake him up reminding him of his duty. When he woke up, the look on his face was of exhaustion and for all I know, he may have just retired to that seat after drinking a hot sip of water. More than most people reading this post would stick to drinking icy-chilled water in the summers. These guys stand in the sun and sweat it out.

Police Summer Jammu (1)

Fine, understood that it is their job, but can we be nice in return? Sometimes offer them a glass of cold water if we are living nearby for instance? Yes, they chose to take up this profession but did you hear about the cop who had a heat stroke just three weeks ago at Jewel Choke and died before reaching GMC Jammu?

Police Summer Jammu (2)

Call it my luck but, this is another picture I clicked of a cop sitting inside the police station in a bare vest just days ago. Those who know the cop who is dressed up, would know which police station this is but this one was off the charts. While, I can still have a heart for a cop who is sweating it out in the heat but this was unacceptable by all means.

This cop did not care two hoots about the decorum of a police-station and was sitting in the condition you see him in, in the photo.

If one of them could bear the heat, the other could too right?

Police Summer Jammu (4)