The soul of Protests at JNU is a fiery Kashmiri girl

Srinagar, February 17: The entire JMU campus reverberated with the voice of applause when ‘Comrade’ Shehla came in front and shouted that the entire country needs to have freedom from WTO, from casteism, from discriminatory laws.

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‘Comrade’ Shehla is a girl who belongs to old Srinagar city. Her full name is Shehla Rashid Shora who has attained a graduate degree with Computer Science from National Institute of Technology. She was elected as the vice president of JNU Student’s association by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s Valentina Brahma. She was the first Kashmiri student to win an election of the JNUSU.

‘Comrade’ Shehla became the prominent voice of the ongoing agitation at JNU because of being a eloquent speaker. She is often seen making speeches to Left-leaning gatherings.

By becoming a vociferous voice of the of the ongoing agitation in JNU, Shehla has attracted high media attention. The video of her speaking about how the students of JNU are punished for standing up for their rights has gone viral on social media.

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She came into the spotlight after the arrest of students’ union president of JNU, Kanhaiya Kumar. Pertinently, he was booked under the charges of sedition as the crackdown triggered protests inside the sprawling campus and a lockdown of university. A statement signed by Shehla which was issued on Monday evening by JNUSU, the union has vowed to carry forward the struggle “till the political witch-hunt of JNU students is put to an end”.

An online forum has also described her as an “engineer-turned-activist”. According to the forum, Shehla has also worked for gender issues, human rights, juvenile justice and free speech.