The sound of OM and few facts about it.

The symbol OM is probably everywhere and you might have chanted it several times either in temples or the modern generation might have chanted it in yoga class. Why this word connects us all in a ritual way? What makes this word exist everywhere? What is the reason behind its glory?

So here are few facts which can clearly explain its symbolic presence

OM includes all human languages

OM encompasses all the languages and sounds. There is a particular way to pronounce this word. The sound A comes from the throat, M comes from the lip and the letter M is pronounced starting from the base of the tongue to the lips.

AUM and OM

There is a difference between the words in writing and in Sanskrit , the ‘O’ is spelled as ‘AU’. So, O is basically a diphthong( a complex vowel sound that begins with the sound of one vowel and ends with the sound of another vowel in the same syllable e.g. “ae” ,”au”, “ou”.

What AUM represents?

AUM is all about the sacred threes followed by a silence at the end which symbolises consciousness.

And the semicircle at the top denotes Maya(money).

A person who leaves behind all this illusion of money can experience the state of realization and enlightment.




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