THE-STATE-UNHEARD-FORGOTTENDespite PM laying foundation of 850 MW Rattle HEP and assuring full availability of Hydel Power Potential in JK with additional 150 MW power to state to meet the increased demand of power during the current season, there are voices unheard from the distant villages of Jammu and Kashmir that are still bereft of ‘Bijli’.

With electricity yet to light their homes some villages reflect a perfect picture of an area forgotten by the authorities. To mention few, the villages of Dramdalaw, Nai Bisti Bidder, Ahlan Bala, Kathanpora Gadole, Chree, Dar Mohalla, Gujjar Bati Hillpark, Redwani, Achu, Gugnar, Gorankhal, Darun, Urnarar, Razikang and Arinar have not yet seen the electric-bulb not to mention of electricity while the villagers of Cherward say that the electricity was available to them a decade ago but was snapped later for the reasons better known to the authorities.

The residents of Cherward, a remote village comprising population of about 500 people, 17 Kilometers away from Kokernag got puzzled when asked about the electricity facility in their village. “We only see the electricity when we visit other nearby villages,” said Muhammad Jaffar, a local.

“Quite often we come to know about the availability of electricity in our village when our elders recollect the memories of late eighties, but now I am 18, and so far no one has made any effort to restore the electricity snapped two decades ago,” said Sartaj Ahmad, a resident of Achu.

Residents of Chree village, eight kilometres away from Kokernag say that despite being an area which receives no electricity, the government has even failed to provide the solar lights to them.
These are the voices of our people.

Quoting the lines of Nelson Mandela –

“Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me.”

We cannot consider our state to be developed because still lot needs to be done to bear the fruits of absolute freedom and development.

By Ritika Pathania