The Stories that shook J&K this week



  1. J&K Bank declares RE results; Candidates suspect foul-play

            The candidates who appeared for the J&K Bank RE exam have alleged the institution of discrepancies in the selection process that raise doubts. Students carried out multiple protest demonstrations against the J&K Bank. The anguished candidates have also drafted a case and submitted to the Legal Services Committee. They demanded that either the J&K bank absorb all the students for the post of  RE or face the action in the Court.

  1. Photograph of a grieving boy goes viral

            A photograph of a young Kashmiri boy, seen wailing at the death of his best friend received widespread attention across the media world. Amir, a student of Class 9, died after being hit by a bullet in the neck. For nine-year-old Burhan Fayaz who was grief stricken at the death of his friend, his picture depicted the effect of the ongoing struggle in the valley.

  1. Drugs influenced teenager

            A video clipping went viral on social media couple of days ago, wherein a teenager, under influence of drug overdose was being questioned by police. The young boy who was in a complete state of stupor was unable to even state his identity clearly. Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police Dr S P Vaid has initiated an inquiry and ordered to investigate the matter.

  1. Hizbul Mujahideen Posters in Valley

            Posters appeared on 15 March 2017 issued by militant group Hizbul Mujahideen. In a long message directed to the Kashmiris, HM attempted to educate people and appealed them to not participate in the upcoming elections that are to be held in April.  It warned people of grave consequences who assisted police forces, appealed them to confess and state their involvement publicly to avoid punishment. HM reminded people of the sacrifices in the 2016 violent uprising and before. In a tribute to the Kashmiris who have lost lives in clashes with Indian forces, people must not participate in the electoral process, concluded HM in the message.

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