The success of original Indian craft beer: Bira 91


The success of original Indian craft beer: Bira 91  | Business & Money



Ankur Jain, 34, did a little of his time at Motorola after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago in 2002. After setting up his first venture in 2002, he decided to sell it in 2007 and return to India. He realised that his entrepreneurial future lay in brewing beer, so he founded Cerana Beverages Pvt. Ltd, in 2008 which started as an importer of exotic brews, and in May 2016 soft-launched Bira 91.


Formally introduced in February, Bira 91 where the number ‘91’ denotes India’s international code has already become a household brand among beer lovers in metro cities.


Bira 91 White (a low bitterness wheat beer, as the company website describes it) and Bira 91 Blonde (an extra hoppy craft lager) are available in draft and bottle formats at 150 retail stores in Delhi and almost 70 retail outlets in Bengaluru. The beer sells 10,000 cases a month in Delhi alone. the response to Bira 91 has encouraged Jain to sell the beer in eight other cities in the next 12 months. Soon, the company will be taking the flagship brew to Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.


UN picks Bira 91 as the ‘Beer of the month’

Indian craft beer Bira 91 was announced as the featured beer at the United Nations’ Beer of the Month Program. Bira 91 will be served at the UN’s North Delegates Lounge to ambassadors, delegates and special guests visiting the lounge. The beer program seeks to expose craft brews and domestic brands to new audiences.


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