The Super YUMMY Apsara Road ki ‘Berangi Jalebi’


Every Jammuite must be ąware of the famous jalebi wali shop on the Apsara road. One can hardly resist the temptation of eating this hot, succulent sweet specially at this shop. This business was started by Situ Ram but the present proprietor of the shop is Ramesh Kumar and his son, Sagar. The shop was established about 40-42 years back by Ramesh’s father Situ Ram.


Reason for popularity

The shop is known for its quality Jalebis and as told by the owner himself, the best thing about their jalebi is that they do not use any color in the preparation of the jalebi mixture.




For the mixture, they do not make use of baking soda or yeast. For the frying purpose, Dalda is used. As per the owner and his son, they claim that they never compromise on the quality of the product which makes them stand out from other people running the same business.This famous recipe was developed by Situ Ram who actually experimented with other recipes and finally got the ideal one which is now liked by almost every single person of Jammu.

Besides jalebi, if you have a craving for the yummiest Dosas in the city, let us take the opportunity to inform you that the father-son duo also sell Dosa which is liked by the people and they queue up right outside the shop for the same.


jalebiSomewhere around 13 people in total support their livelihood through this shop. Most of the workers are from Bihar whereas the three of them belong to Jammu and they have been working on this shop for the last 34 years. 




The price for the items sold by them is fixed as per the government norms. They abide by the rules and charge whatever government has decided. They charge somewhere around 120 rupees per kg for jalebi and Rs 50 for masala Dosa plate, 80 rupees per plate for Paneer Dosa and Rs 40 per plate for Plain Dosa.

How to reach?  

To those who already know about this shop, keep visiting it. For others who want to eat Jalebis made without compromising on taste and quality, their shop is present near the Apsara Road Peer Baba Dargah. It is hardly about 4 kms from Jewel Chowk.

So enjoy these hot, crispy and sweet Indian funnel cakes oozing with sugary syrup and we bet you will find it hard to eat just one.

By Roarke

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