The Terrible Toilet Story Part 2: Jammu hospitals Flunk the Swacch Bharat Test

JAMMU: Few days ago in our report “Enter GMC Jammu to experience 5-star Urine mixed phenyl stench” ( we showed some horrifying gut-wrenching images of the Government Medical Hospital Jammu. It is now time to take a tour of the toilets of another government hospital Shri Maharaja Gulab Singh Medical Hospital and College (SMGS) where also the story is no different.

WARNING: If you are eating something then do not scroll down. The picture is dirty, really dirty!!

Hospital is the byword for cleanliness and hygiene, but go, visit the toilets of SMGS hospital and you would have your faith in hospital hygiene pretty much destroyed. These toilets are filthy flooded with faeces. Your inner organs would want to leap out with your vomit. The terrible stench from the toilets could be smelled till the far ends of the corridors, enough to make a healthy person fall sick.
As said in our earlier post, Nature’s call can compel a mortal human at any place. And if you decide to use these toilets, now do not expect any privacy. The doors are broken and you cannot do anything about it.
And so are the washbasins. Opening of tap to wash hands may wet you completely. BEWARE! The word unhygienic may fall far short when you are trying to describe the toilet. It’s dark, damp, filthy, and garbage is scattered everywhere.

The issue has even garnered the attention of National Media house. Check out this Video by India Today, which shows the apathy of Jammu Hospitals in a more profound manner:

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