The Trikuta Nagar Canal is nothing more than a dumping ground



By Citizen Journalist Amaya

The Ranbir Canal in Jammu was once a picnic spot because of the scenic beauty around. This scenic spot was also considered as a lifeline for farmers but the carelessness of the people and the authorities has now made it merely a dumping ground for the local areas nearby. The canal passing through the city is in a wrecked condition now. The canal is choked with solid waste, polythene bags and empty plastic bottles at several places. The wretched condition of the once beautiful canal clearly shows the neglect of the officials and the pervasive pollution which is still unchecked. The canal which usually flows in summers as it is dry in winters is now clogged with muck and sewage. The canal goes through all the central areas of the city and covers Akhnoor, Bhagwati Nagar, Talab Tillo, Gajansoo, Trikuta Nagar and Satwari. Despite the strict instructions that the canal will be cleaned regularly and action will be taken against the people who will be caught dumping garbage, the gross condition of the canal continues. The cleaning process was done by private contractors in the early years but from the past few years nothing has been done to clean it.

ranbir canal


Along with the neglect of the concerned department, the people too are responsible for the current condition of the canal. Clearly, the people too refuse to take care of such matters. It is unfortunate that we put the blame on the department and authority when we are equally responsible for the situation. The department too refuses to take the responsibility and holds the people living around as the culprits.

The wrecked state of the canal ruins the beauty as well as creates a threat to the health of the people living nearby. The concerned authority should initiate the process of cleaning the canal as soon as possible and the people too should understand their responsibility and not regard the water body as mere dumping ground.

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