The video of new HM Militants is so pretentious it is stupid (Translated from Kashmiri


Srinagar, July 29: After the poster boy of militancy in Kashmir, Burhan Wani was shot down in an encounter, a new video has been circulated by the Hizbul-Mujahideen group to show their presence. The video showcases seven Hizb militants with guns in the Shopian Forests.

According to sources, one of the men in the video is Saddam Padder who belongs to the team created by Burhan Wani. All the men in the video are locals as can be ascertained by their speaking in Kashmiri. The men have no element of their predecessors and look and sound as if they are students fresh out of school and are loving their militant fatigues.

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Anyone who understands Kashmir can safely say that these men are just wannabe militants and are posing because it appears ‘cool’ to do so. Clearly, the youth who have joined to form the new team are under the impression of popularity gained by Burhan Wani for regularly releasing such videos. Translation of the audio below

Translation of the Audio –

A scene is set in the beginning, where two men standing at a lower point tell the person recording to shout ‘action’ so that they can start climbing.

After the men start walking, the person filming the video directs the two men, “maintain some gap while walking such that it looks serious.” (and not a stroll in the market)

“The size of the video is already 50mb. Do not start hugging each other.”

The two men approach another set of men already sitting on a side. After greeting each other in Urdu, all the men start hugging each other as if they are meeting after a mission.

One of them says, “Slow down the pace, stop the drama.”

One of the men while hugging says, “Are you alright?” while he is laughing. The other responds in a question in a funny tone, “Am I looking fine and fit?”

The guy filming the video then requests one of the men in the group to come and hold the phone (so that he can go and hug the men pretentiously).

One of the men then directs everyone to keep talking after directing them to sit down. Another voice says, “One man click photos and another make the video.”

Another man enters the scene and they all start saying jokingly, “He looks like a man from ITBP (Indo Tibetan Border Police).”

Then the man filming it directs all of them to sit down and point their finger upwards.

You can hear a religious verse being spoken in the background when the man filming it says, “That is enough, the video size is already 2000mb.”

Filming gets over.

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It does not take much to say that these men have simply joined the militant group for popularity alone and probably do not have a fair idea as to what they have actually gotten into.

The armed forces do not need to neutralise such men who are just wayward and sound like young, directionless and even silly men who can be re-instilled into normal life. Killing the militants has only bred more militants. It is already understood that funds are sent to the valley to keep things under control. But sending money has only increased the greed of certain hate-breeding elements. Killing the militants will not solve the problem nor will sending funds. A solution that can change the school of thought is required and this solution for peace talk requires a lot of patience.

So far the J&K police has not commented over the video, which has instantly gone viral, however, the security agencies have started investigating the details of these militants.

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