The “Wall of Kindness” reaches Kashmir Valley


SRINAGAR: With the dipping mercury in Srinagar valley, there are still some needy people who are shivering in this season. In order to help those people cope with harsh winter, the boundary wall of a gutted hotel on the Bund in the Abi Guzar area of Srinagar has a graffiti, which reads: ‘The wall of Kindness’.

The initiative was taken by a group of 33 people associated with a global volunteer organization, ‘Who is Hussain’. The organizers said that their sole motive is to collect warm clothes for the needy.

As expected, scores of locals turned up at the place and donated their jackets, coats, suits and mufflers for those in need of warm clothes during the chilly winter.

One of the members of the group narrated the story of this concept. He said that this idea has been taken from Turkey, Iran and Paris where people hang their clothes on the roadside for the people in need.

He further explained the joy he felt when those in need came and took clothes from the wall.

At the mere sight of the wall on the Bund, they initially thought the unused clothes were on sale and enquired about the price.

When they were told these clothes were free of cost and that they could pick whatever they wanted, for a second, they were taken aback. With a smile on their face, they proceeded and picked whatever they wanted.

“I have not seen such a thing happening around, this is something new and I am really surprised,” said a woman rag-picker who picked a sweater for her daughter.

The organizers are appealing to everyone that if they have some unused clothes back home, they can donate for the generous cause.

The group has already sought permission from Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to collect clothes on a wall at six locations in Srinagar city.

The group is further planning to set up shoe racks so that people can donate their shoes also.

In 2015 Iranians set up “walls of kindness” where people could easily donate coats and other warm clothes for helping the poor. The concept was simple – a few hooks and hangers installed on a coloured wall next to the words: “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.” Many cities around the world took inspiration from the Iranian Initiative.

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