The winner Voice of Punjab, Sonali Dogra sings for U4UVoice

Sonali Dogra, a 22 year old girl from Jammu, was the winner of Voice of Punjab season 6 on the Punjabi Television Channel PTC Punjabi. U4UVoice met her to ask her about her experiences, her training and without much ado, here is an interview with her. Scroll down for her PUNJABI SONG

Q1 How old are you and what do you do besides singing? What are your future plans?

  1. I am 22 and doing graduation in music from Parade College. Presently I am in the second year but I have wishes to complete my Master’s in Music. Since we do not have any provision for that in our Jammu University, I have plans to pursue it from Chandigarh.

Q2 Since when you have been singing?

  1. Well professionally I have been singing for last 6 years otherwise I always had love and passion for music. I started singing when I was in Class 5 and used to perform during cultural functions in our schools and now in college as well.

Q3 Have you taken any professional training?

  1. Yes, I have been professionally trained by Pandit Prithvi Nath Raina. He is no more in this world. He coached me for two years after Class 10 and after his demise; I have been practising on my own.

Q4 Do you have a specific time when you practice singing?

A  Yes, I usually prefer practising in the morning for three hours i.e. from 4-7. And practising in the morning improves the voice quality which can help in long run.

Q5 Do you eat something to maintain your voice quality?

  1.       Yes singers are usually suggested to eat Paan etc but I prefer having Mulethi sometimes.

Q6 What was your first achievement in this field?

 A In 2008, I went to Voice of India and represented my state. After that I won Katra festival, following which I went for Indian Idol, Mh1 Awaaz Punjab Di and that is how my journey began in this field. I did a couple of live shows as well. I sing in Punjabi, Dogri and Hindi languages.

Q7 Can we expect you to sing songs in your mother tongue- Dogri?

A Yes sure, I have plans to make an album of Dogri songs as well. I have sung for few local serials produced by the Doordarshan.

Q8 Do you see any limitation while living in Jammu?

A Yes, this is a limitation for Jammuities because we artists usually depend on our families for the support. There is support from the government or academies which I think is really disappointing  for the people of Jammu.

Q9 Are you planning to continue with PTC channel?

A Yes, I have signed up a contract with the PTC Channel for two years and they will be giving me the opportunity for live shows.

Q10  Do you think it is challenging for a small town girl to earn fame in the glamour industry?

A Yes of course it is pretty tough but if you have family and friends who believe in you and the work you are doing, there is no point to be afraid of anything.

Q11 Any other thing which you would like to tell our readers?

I have a dream to do playback singing in Bollywood and as of now I have sung three songs for a movie by the name “The Blood Street“ directed by Darshan Darvesh.

Q12 Do you have any plans to open a learning institute for the singers in Jammu?

A  We do have Art and Culture academy in our state but even the authorities do not pay attention which discourages the talented artists so I would like to open an academy in near future.

Q13 Your favourite memory from your singing career?

A  Once while I was performing in the Indian Idol, Asha Ji gave standing ovation to me which is still my most cherished moment. Later in Voice of Punjab, Malkeet Singh Ji, Master Saleem gave standing ovations in almost every other episode which was a really uplifting and moving experience.




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