The Youth of Kashmir – Your mothers wail for you


#Opinion   Puneet G


Uprising is not the most apt word to use for the situation in Kashmir and maybe it is not even close because civil disobedience, unrest, or any of these adjectives apply to where a revolution is in the making. A revolution that also has a visible logical end. Those, whose hearts are driven by the Kashmir cause will feel strongly against the logical end part.

A leader has a vision and those led by the leader trust in that vision. The separatist leaders such as Geelani, Malik, Farooq and other prominent names have been at the forefront of Kashmir separatism for the longest time. If only their leadership is to be assessed, they definitely have some mettle because they manage to orientate the youth of Kashmir every now and then. The Youth of Kashmir that associate with the separatists have a formidable number of course, but looking from a third person’s view, which is often the most important but the most ignored, this section of the youth is also the most vulnerable and driven by a colossal monster of hate.

Youth as masses are aligned by the leaders, aroused by hate, and are firm in their faith in taking posession of aazadi one day. The choice of words is deliberate since anything taken by force never has an end that can be fully tranquil. Peace cannot come with force and only breeds hate. When two siblings fight over a toy and one manages to snatch it, hate is the first emotion. Hate never yields the best results.

On the one hand, the separatist brainpower stimulates the vulnerable and when a young boy like Sofi dies, the masses go berserk. The leaders remain in their safe havens, the youth die. The reasoning turns to revolution demands sacrifice and more youth die for a cause that will never the light of day. But they have faith in their leaders. Geelani is getting old and tomorrow another leader will be at the forefront.

Men in their 40s and 50s who became parts of this ideology young boys are still a part of the resistance but not because of the cause itself. These men never acquired any vocational skills in their lives and have broken homes with families that have minimum or no sources of income. Some of them get funded by their lords but the majority live in shambles.

Some talk about not wanting to go with either Pakistan or India and have dreamt up economies from tourism and exports alone. Why will Pakistan not want to snatch that freedom if Kashmir separates? What good have they done to Afghanistan? The muslim brotherhood at large has not been brotherhood in these two nations after all!

The mothers wail for their sons, the wives for their husbands and the daughters for their fathers and brothers. The lost cause takes lives everytime but those drunk with the madness do not see any of that.

The matter may have been oversimplified here and has multiple layers of unfathomable complexity. It is just sad to see the youth die. Kashmir can become a better place with more educated youth. The community will flourish only with peace. Fighting for a cause preached by the nutcases who are enjoying funds and security covers has already destroyed generations and the cause is only to further destroy more generations.

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