Theft in Bari Brahamana, CCTV records 3 culprits


Jammu: A theft case was reported from a Super Market in ward number 6 of Bari Brahamana area of Jammu. The owner of the store confirmed a robbery of around 5-8 thousand including cash and packet food.

The incident took place on Wednesday night after which the owner was informed about it the next morning. The CCTV camera has recorded the incident.

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“Today morning one of my relatives living nearby informed me about my shop’s open shutter. I called the Police. On checking, all the locks of shutter and inside drawers were open.” He said

“An amount of Rs. 5000 and some packed food and liquids have been stolen. The thieves have also cut the wires of CCTV cameras and taken away the boosters of the TV.” He added

The owner further added that it’s a great loss. The Bari Brahamana Police has taken over the case and investigation is under process.