We, as Indians, are somewhat conditioned to exploit loopholes of any system, be it even traffic rules. We would never care to pay attention to red lights, yellow lights, Zebra crossing and whatever the road rule book says. We would happily jump the traffic lights if no one is keeping a vigil and who cares about Zebra crossing! Even the pedestrians would never cross roads using the Zebra crossing.

Stopping on Zebra Crossing is mandatory for the vehicles whenever there is a red light or people waiting to cross the road but what is usually observed is that people park vehicles right on the Zebra crossing. Red lights are ignored casually and so are these rules. The pictures attached show that most of the major roads don’t have Zebra Crossing. The ones that can be found are so faded that they can barely be seen by pedestrians or even vehicles.

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The Jammu traffic Police has a lenient attitude towards such violations and we keenly take every advantage of that. One can see overcrowded matadors, bikes and scooters with no helmets and no concern of safety. The rising number of accidents is a proof of our careless attitude. These careless drivers not only risk their lives but of others as well. Many a time pedestrians also fall prey to over speeding vehicles.