They haven’t completed engineering yet and are making lakhs from their startup in Jammu


Puneet Gupta

Rohan Bhatial and Satvik Gupta are both 21-year-old in the final semester of Engineering which Rohan is pursuing from IIIT Hyderabad and Satvik from Agrasen College, IP University in New Delhi. Both of them, during their engineering have worked in many startups as interns. It was over a dinner in the national capital when they decided to do something in and for Jammu and that is when Sabzi Now was born.

Sabzi Now Team


Sabzi Now, all of four months old, works very hard to deliver farm fresh fruits and vegetables in Jammu City. They initially started out in the thrust market areas of Gandhi Nagar, Trikuta Nagar and Channi Himmat with door to door marketing and now have been receiving and delivering orders to even the outskirts of the city.


They started with a seed money of One Lakh INR and broke even in the first two months. Their revenue by the fourth month is running in Lakhs and that too with a decent profit margin – A salary that most people do not get in J&K!

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Based on their experience of working in startups they realised that most big startups rely on funding and they wanted to start something that did not require of lot of capital input.

They started with a market-survey for one month to gauge the pain points of a city such as Jammu and found two major challenges.

  1. Jammu is not a big city so time is not really an issue here. People here do not mind travelling to buy vegetables or fruits.
  2. A big majority of the target audience, women, is not very open to operating and ordering vegetables and fruits on a mobile app.

To overcome these issues, the duo worked on four points: quality, packing, availability and last cutting and chopping. Yes, they give you cut vegetables and fruits at an added cost of Rs 10/item only!

One of their standout features is the availability of exotic fruits and vegetables that are a rarity in Jammu and no, we are not only talking about Kiwi. They procure these things from outside of Jammu and even get items from New Delhi. You can logon to their website and find out how to get added to their WhatsApp group and order.

They serve cut pineapple, pomegranate and many such things which people refrain from buying simply because of the work that goes into peeling and cutting.

They are a 12-people strong team which manages everything from cutting and packaging the items to delivering them at your doorstep.

When asked how they were managing all of this while still studying came out another revelation. Rohan explained,

“There is a reason why we are over-staffed at the moment. We have setup the operations and now the staff is running the show for us. We are anyway not going to be here in Jammu once this startup starts sustaining itself.”

He further added, “We are already in talks with people in other tier-II and tier-III cities to spread our work in the franchise-model and we should be up and running in a major city in Punjab in three months max. We have an interested party and talks are on the syndicate level.”

Since people in Jammu are quite choosy about the quality, Sabzi Now has a policy of a hundred percent return and replacement if the customer is not satisfied. The minimum order is Rs. 200 and they deliver anywhere in the city.

They have not spent money on marketing so far and their surprisingly sizable customer base has been created purely on word-of-mouth which speaks volumes about their standards.