One who wants to achieve the pinnacle of success in his life must meditate two times in a day- first,  in the early morning and second, in the evening. One must awake daily before the sun rise. After taking bath, begin  your  day with the prayers to almighty till the full sun appears. Labour hard during the day with honesty and dedication.Love your work  and try to resolve the problems of others with a smiling on your face.Always co-operate your fellow beings & guide them properly .Lead all the persons  on the path of righteousness & justice without any discrimination to any body. Close your day with a smiling & satisfaction on your face. Sit silently while sun is siting & pray almighty. Thank s God  for a good day,full of  ups and downs, faced during the day with a smile on your  face. Be fore going to bed assess all your weaknesses & drawbacks. Sleep peacefully without any tension of present or future happenings.