“Anger puts you in the danger. Avoid it & Keep it away at  arm’s length, let the anger not over rule & ride on you. Nip it in the bud, to save yourself from facing the ugly and dirty situation created by yourself or the opposite person to whom you are expressing your mind. Remain cool & calm, control your emotions at the time of discussion, in any forum or at any front. The anger not only disturb your inner peace but also scatter your real personality and spoil your image in the society. If, you are interest  to enjoy the bliss of yourself, mediate on the subject, don’t deviate from the real issues & problems. Come prepared. Initiate your point of view with solid arguments and proper evidences. It is the   only way to receive the appreciation & recognition among the elite class of society. You will be the Hero of all, provided you renounce the anger for ever.”