5th September,2014-Teacher’s Day

Today is an auspicious day-Teacher’s Day. A day, to pay the respect & gratitude to a teacher who grooms a raw person into a real personality. A Teacher cultivates the barren mind of a student with the plough of his knowledge to grow him a banyan tree with an aim that one day, the banyan tree would oxygenate the entire earth with the fragrance of the abundant knowledge which is imparted to the student by a teacher . It was in the olden days, when teaching was not a profession but a worship.
Yester years, a teacher was selfless dedicated to prepare a student to serve the humanity. But today ,teaching is a profession to earn ones livelihood only. Today a teacher is, self centred & selfish, engaged in producing the robots to serve self interests only. A mistake of a doctor or an engineer buries with in a days but the mistake of a teacher reflects in the nation for many coming generations.


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