This also happens in Kashmir, but never gets viral


The computer warriors or activists, whatever they like to call themselves, work harder than machines to report the truth in the valley. Most of these computer activists are students mostly sitting in Indian or Foreign Universities. Around 80 people have died in the clashes stretching now to over a two-month period. That lives of civilians has been lost needs to be reported by all means. However, what also needs reporting by the social media activists, is the situation that the police in Kashmir goes through, primarily because they are also Kashmiris. These computer warriors, agent provocateurs somehow ignore that and what’s worse Press in Kashmir also ignores this side conveniently.


A rare picture this, owing to the fact that, this is actually an old picture but is not easily available on the internet. How will it be available? The press in Kashmir, where this event is from, never published it. It is not to raise a question on the style of functioning of the Kashmir media. Only what is visible sells. In this case, only what is visible becomes the truth and that is the problem today in Kashmir.

The Kashmir youth is a highly motivated lot, even politically inclined for that matter unlike their counterpart in Jammu or Ladakh. That journalism flourishes in Kashmir has much to do with the politically uplifted and often anti-establishment young and old population in the valley. Angry activism, not by the press but by these computer warriors on facebook pages and by WhatsApp activists, has led the way in setting the valley on fire in the last two months.

When the information that percolates in the public domain, sets hearts and minds on fire, and is filtered specifically to influence those outside the state, specially on the world fora, the value of this custom-baked reality gets diluted. However, it is the value of truth that gets diluted, the poison of the custom-baked reality remains all-potent.

Youth has been the biggest casualty of what would be infamously known as the 2016 Kashmir protests in future. Tens of thousands have been injured as well. But that the men in police and security forces have had their lives damaged too has not got the mention it deserves, atleast in the press.

The bloody activism on facebook is the most effective form of propaganda and the secessionist leaders very well understand the value. Most young kids active on social media today believe that former Governor Jagmohan was responsible for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Shouldn’t it be odd that a single man (Jagmohan) simply asked a three lakh Kashmiri Pandits to leave and they just left their homes of hundreds of years? Where is the bloody logical reasoning? Many Kashmiris believe that Burhan Wani’s brother was killed in 2010 and that is why Burhan joined militancy. Truth is what facebook activists tell you.

Emotional discourses, distorted images of children and everything else is used to infuriate people. False information is served with these discourses to the same emotionally disturbed people who obviously then do not once try to find if any of what’s served to them is veritable.

Ideas are propagated by a few incessantly and repeatedly till they become a part of a largely believed truth. Religion is mixed alongwith the ideas and abused.

Talk to most Kashmiri people who consider themselves religious. No one would accept that places of worship should be used to spread hate. Not one. Talk to any Kashmiri today and they want peace to return in the valley.

How is that old pictures, not even from Kashmir, are used to doctor the thoughts of fellow Kashmiris to incite hate but the face of a policeman with blood oozing out does not?

Propaganda will always win and that is the truth that we cannot win against.

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