This Blind man was thrown out of his govt. job at Shrine Board recently

Jammu, 28 April: Amandeep is 31 years of age and suffers from an unnatural blindness that he says is an outcome of reaction to medicine administered to him when he was about four years old. It was a fever at first and then his eyelids started sticking together. The doctor sent some medicine through an attendant back then and the medicine blinded him completely he claims. He belongs to a poor family and the lack of money was the second reason that today he suffers from 100 percent blindness.

His parents got him to study in a school for blind and he later completed graduation in Fine arts and Music. It was in the January of 2010 when the then Chief Minister had helped him with employment for a year on the honorarium of Rs 2,000.

Then in June 2012, Amandeep met Governor NN Vohra and this meeting led to his appointment at SMVD Shrine Board as a Prayer organizer at the Spritual Growth Centre on an honorarium of Rs 6,000 per month.

Amandeep Blind (12)

Amandeep claims that he had been performing his duties to complete satisfaction of the Management, with full dedication and punctuality. He adds that due to bad luck his health started deteriorating and he could not attend his duties regularly.

His full time job was taken away from him at the Spritual Growth Centre. This, even when he produced medical certificates as proof for his absence.

What is questionable is that there has been no explanation for why he was shifted from being a full time employee to a daily wager and later his services were terminated completely.

At present he is without a job. He has written to concerned authorities he claims but seemingly his appeals have not reached anyone. His family which had found some relief with his salary are again in an abject poverty situation.

Although this is just one side of the story, one cannot but hold back the emotion associated with Amandeep’s story.

U4UVoice, tried contacting officials at the Spritual Growth centre, but we were transferred from one call to another and did not get to speak to anyone in control. We appeal to the J&K government to kindly look into the matter and if the veracity holds, then Amandeep should get a chance at getting re-instated

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