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This can only happen with BSNL

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Jammu: It’s been more than 4 months since the BSNL landline services were disrupted in Marh. However, as reported in a leading daily the department is telling people living in the area to pay for the service by sending them bills regularly.

Unfortunately, people do not have any other option but to pay their bills.

“On the one hand you talk about digital India and on the other hand the people living in villages are not being able to use the service for which they are paying. For the last 4 months we are facing a number of problems because of BSNL but nobody bothers to pay any attention to us, ” said Ved Prakash resident of Marh.

The residents also claim that so many complaints have been registered in this matter but the officials at BSNL threaten them to disconnect their telephone service in case they do not pay the bill.

” Due to reconstruction of roads by Public Welfare Department (PWD), the telephone cables were cut at some places. But our department restored them immediately, ” an official in the BSNL told a leading daily.

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