This document store in Jammu is looting people openly


JAMMU: A document shop in so-called posh area, Gandhi Nagar of Jammu is looting public by selling the photo-copy of bank form for 5 Rupees. The shop is adjacent to a bank, where people are lining up in winding queues to get their money exchanged.

I went to the bank to get my money exchanged. The lady sitting at the exchange counter denied availability of forms owing to the shortage due to huge rush.

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She game me a form specimen and asked me to get the form photo-copied from the nearest document centre. I took the form and got it photostated. I was taken aback when the shopkeeper asked for 5 rupees for single photocopy in return. I went to a few other document centres to confirm the price, and they charged me a genuine amount of Rupees 2.

But this particular documneent centre nearby bank charged more than 50 pecent of the actual amount. The shameful fact here is that while Modi is leading a big fight agaisnt corruption, there are still some people in our vicinity who are unfettered by this change.

I can’t be said if it it’s a bank-document center nexus or not!

-By Citizen Journalist Ajit Rohmetra