This Hero Driver saved many lives before a wall fell on him

Jammu and Kashmir

Bhaderwah, May 4: This driver’s presence of mind saved lives of so many people. Mostly, in such dare-devil situations the brave-hearts are ignored by the administrative machinery which has happened in this particular case as well.

Just yesterday, driver of a fire tender showed an extreme level of boldness when he along with two associates reached a fire incident site at Mohalla Dharampura in Bhaderwah.

At least six residential houses were caught in fire. The driver identified as Head constable Nadeem Akhter s/o Abdul Gani r/o Kurseri Bhaderwah without any delay started the rescue operation along with his mates.

Nadeem Akhter, along with a local youth identified as Sadhu Ram, was spraying water at the fire affected building but a wall collapsed on both them lading to a major head injury for Nadeem and fracturing Sadhu’s leg.

Its took them three hours to get the situation under control. People lauded the role of the head constable Nadeem Akhter for saving precious lives of people.

But the Administrative machinery did not visit him when he was admitted in the hospital to pass a simple comment of appreciation.

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