This is exactly why accident victims are not helped anywhere

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Jammu, July 21: A murder case has come to light in Jammu wherein the helpers of the victim who took the victim to the hospital were questioned as if they were perpetrators. Of course, it is all a part of investigation but sometimes, cases like these become the biggest mindblock for people to help those in need either in road accidents or in such cases.

In the Nagrota area of Jammu, few anonymous men murdered a Contractor by stabbing him in his head and leg. The dead contractor has been identified as Pankaj Khajuria (24), son of Sham Lal, and resident of Nagrota.

On Tuesday evening, Pankaj was returning home on his motorbike from Bantalab, when few men attacked him and stabbed him in cold blood. After a while two youth on a scooty, who were on the same route saw Pankaj signalling them to stop, drenched in his blood, and still somehow riding his bike. They rushed him to GMC on their scooty. On his way to the Hospital, Pankaj told the two boys about the entire incident.
Due  to the stab on his right leg, a major artery was cute and hug amount of blood was lost. The doctors rushed him to the operation theater where while undergoing the treatment, he succumbed to his injuries. The body was sent for a postmortem and afterwards handed over to the family.
As per the family members, Pankaj was working in Rehari recently but the reason why he was in Bantalab is unknown to them. The family members, according to some media reports, even blamed the the two youth who helped the victim and the duo was held back for a rigorous round of questioning.
They were later let go and three more arrests have been made by SDPO Nagrota for the time being on basis of suspicion. However, the entire matter will be solved once the investigation gets over. Meanwhile, they have also taken in Pankaj’s call records which are being checked for any leads.
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