This is how the men on duty toss away their responsibilities


Jammu and Kashmir news

Citizen Journalist Ashish

PCR vans have been deployed in the city, clearly, to enhance and improve the sluggish service of the department and to deliver immediate service. To instill a sense of fear in criminal minds and to improve police presence, the PCR vans have been instructed to keep patrolling all through the day and night and not remain stationary at any point for long.

PCR van


Interestingly, the picture above shows the opposite. The person in the picture, was seen ‘relaxing’ and ‘chilling out’ during the working hours and ‘sleeping’ later. Also, what else is to be noted is that the person is partially dressed. The PCR vans were launched with a motive to make the service quicker and more instant with immediate reporting at the location but a person in this state, even after receiving an emergency call, would first take time to get ready and will automatically be delayed by a couple of minutes. Uniform might seem a headache when the sun is hovering right above your head and the temperature is above 40 degrees but disregarding the rules and norms and neglecting the responsibilities is perhaps more hazardous.

PCR van
PCR van


The PCR vehicles have been assigned a set of rules and the staff is expected to patrol the area, instead of parking in shade to relax during the regular hours. Crimes happen in broad daylight as well, an extensive check and watch over the criminal minds is all one needs for a sense of security and safety. If only, such little duties are not undermined and responsibilities not neglected, many criminal minds can be made to take the backseat.

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