This is one brave Molvi to ask sexual favours from a police woman

Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, Apr 23: An Imam(Molvi) was convicted by the J&K Muslim Wakf Board for making sexual advances on a female cop at a shrine yesterday

A female police personnel posted at the shrine complainted that the imam had been making sexual advances on her, soon after this the Wakf Board established an inquire committee, which later found the complaints true.

The accused had earlier denied the charges and later confessed when he was shown some video evidence. a 9-page charge sheet was filed against him by an Inquiry committee headed by Dr KD Farooqi.

The Inquiry Committee report reads that the Imam use to send lewd messages on Facebook and Watsapp and also used highly objectionable and obscene language in his conversation with the Cop which he had done on the purpose of making sexual advances and securing sexual favors from the lady.

The report also reads that the Imam use to make cunning moves to impress the lady constable by letting the police party pay respect to him by letting them open door of his car and mark way for him to reach the mosque. He also influenced one of the police officer in the department so that the lady constable of J&K Police is not shifted from the shrine. During the course of Friday prayers he would shamelessly try to highlight any of participation of devotees who happened to be some influential person.

The lady police official, however, tricked him to get his evil intentions.She arranged to make video recording of his conversation, the report said.

Meanwhile, the accused have confessed his crime, but has sought pardon,  but  the Secretary J&K Muslim Wakf Board pronounced the punishment for the convict.

Copy of the orders issued by the Secretary on April 2, 2016 vide order number MWB, Admn/16-23 reads that, It is therefore ordered that the following punishments be and are hereby imposed on Molvi

The punishments he has been given lists, withholding of his promotion to the next higher scale of pay for a period of three years and seize of one increment in his present scale of pay.

He is also banned from performing the duties of Imam and deliver religious sermons in any of the mosques of the Wakf Board forever and his place of posting will be made separately, the order adds.

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