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This is probably the coolest cafe in Srinagar


Scintillating musical performances, marvelous poetry sessions, spectacular view of Jhelum and yes, delicious multiple cuisines, this is what “Good Fellas” serves you in Srinagar! GOOD FELLAS

Good Fellas has been Started by two friends Mujtaba Rizvi and Ali Abbas in an old historic looking building on the banks of the Jhelum. This restaurant cum café is first of its kind in Kashmir that serves a number of cuisines under one roof. Visiting this place can be quite a unique experience for people from all walks of life who are generally attracted to the things which jog your cerebral matter.

Contemporary yet modern interiors
Contemporary yet modern interiors

The cafe is in a two-storey setting. The architecture of the building consists of old Kashmiri elements and contemporary art and design. The idea of using an old building with contemporary Kashmiri design was of Mujtaba Rizvi who has pursued Management of Innovation, Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship and Fine Arts, an extension degree from Goldsmiths, University of London.

The other co-partner, Ali Abbas was the student of University of Auckland in New Zealand. Besides “Good Fellas”, Ali has also established an innovative sheep and dairy farm, Al-Borz, at his native village Budgam after returning from New Zealand.

Besides providing a unique place in Kashmir, the idea behind establishment of this cafe is to give the young artists of Kashmir, a chance to showcase their talent. People meet here and they not only eat but think and discuss their ideas.

It is not just an eating joint
It is not just an eating joint

“We hope these events will be a learning experience for people and give a platform to young distinguished individuals,” says Abbas Ali as quoted in the Tribune.

Both the owners of cafe, Rizvi and Ali had been living a well-paid life out of country but then they committed to serving their “dream Kashmir”, hence they made the best use of their education to create such a wonderful place in Srinagar

“Our plan was to create a cafe with a distinctive touch and with a social conscience. We called it ‘Good Fellas’ because it is one of our favourite films. ‘Good Fellas’, therefore, became a fusion of styles and ideas and we are proud of the physical and conceptual space we have created,” Mujtaba Rizvi said.

Upon asking about what kind of response they are getting from locals and tourists as well, they said that it is incredible and way better than what we expected in the winters of Kashmir.

Upon visiting ‘Good Fellas’, one can be served with a huge variety of food items ranging from ‘Nun Chai’ (pink salt tea) to a selections from around the world. One can also order fresh home-baked bakery and pastries.

Fresh Bakery Products at "Good Fellas"
Fresh Bakery Products at “Good Fellas”

Another specialty of this cafe is that the menu keeps on changing so that people get a fresh feeling every time they visit. But of course they have some regular house specials.

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