This Kashmiri Novelist want Kashmir to be an independent nation

This Kashmiri Novelist want Kashmir to be an independent nation

Nitasha Kaul’s debut novel ‘Residue’ was released in the year 2009 and it won ‘Man Asian Literary Prize’ by defeating six well established writers of Asia. The book also made her first Kashmiri woman novelist. The novel speaks of a long tale of a lost identity of Kashmiris outside of Kashmir. For many, the novel sounded like a typical Kashmir story—as it approaches politics through very personal struggles.

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Nitasha lives in London and presently working as a Assistant Professor at the University of Westminster, London. About her education, She has done BA Honours in Economics from SRCC, Delhi University, a Masters in Economics with a specialization in Public Policy, and a Joint PhD in Economics and Philosophy from the University of Hull, UK (2003). She has travelled to over 55 countries around the world, with a camera and a notebook, documenting the strangeness of the everyday and the otherness of the present.

In 2013, she has again come into limelight for hitting Indian state left, right and centre, highlighting every possible human rights abuse committed by its forces in Kashmir during a press conference in London. In December 2015, and the lady was in Al Jazeera’s talk show calling spade a spade while confronting Ram Madhav, BJP’s national general secretary, by raising issues about mass graves, disappearances and other rights abuses in Kashmir.

For speaking in non-communal terms about Kashmir’s history, politics, this Kashmiri Pandit Woman is labelled as “regressive liberal” by her adversaries. She was established as a reckoning Kashmiri voice because of her unapologetically anti-India write ups. Since 2010, she argued, people cannot dismiss the legitimate demands of Kashmiris by calling them ‘Islamist’ or ‘foreign-backed.’

Nitasha believes that Kashmir isn’t owned either by India or Pakistan. Both these postcolonial nations, she said, are interested in the territory of Kashmir, not the Kashmiris themselves. “And yes,” she asserted, “if Bhutan can be an independent country, then certainly Kashmir can be.” It’s not about viability, she stressed. “It’s really about whether we have that imagination.”

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Her first book ‘Imagining Economics Otherwise: encounters with Identity/Difference’ (Routledge, 2007) is a scholarly monograph on economics, philosophy. She still writes, speaks on political economy, economic justice, economic violence besides on neo-liberalism. Modern economics has been divorced from ethics, she believes. “It cloaks itself with scientism and neglects issues of power and identity.”

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  1. Worried Indian

    It is better to leave her with the bloodsucking kashmiri

  2. Aakash Rajput

    Okay. Make separate colonies for Kashmiri Pandits & throw her in to live with violent, barbaric Kashmiri Muslim savages outside these colony of Kashmir Pandits.

  3. Asha kachru

    I m also a kashmiri pundit woman. I ve been working with muslims in valley in d last few years nd i must tell her that fortunately even muslims dont all want to seperate themselves from the land they were born in nd feel related to. If only the pakistan nd islam sponsered forces would leave them in peace. We want peace nd commnal harmony in tge state of jkl. No seperation from india.

    • Ultimately M/s Kachru ,I have concluded ,that it is beyond your comprehension ,because of your intellect, to understand her

    • if that is the case why is indian occupying force afraid to do referandum in Kashmir.

    • Wajid Khan

      For those Indians throwing abuse on educated classes who can see the atrocities committed by the armed forces of India please have some humanity and open your eyes. Kashmir was always an Independent state with its own culture and way of life. Kashmir is devided between Pak and India which is unfortunate because families and a people of the same land are devided also. This issue has been hijacked by both India and Pakistan as if it is a territorial issue between the two and giving their citizens the perception of this over the past 70yrs is disturbing.
      Please have some humanity and think of your selves Wether in Pak or India if your state was devided and you were unable to meet your relations? No doubt you would have been fighting to the hilt to get together.
      Please look at Kashmiris suffering as they are mums sisters daughters who have been psychologically hurt by losing a loved one by acts of shameful people serving in the armed people.
      The greater India got its Independance through sheer determination of the citizens Wether Hindu Muslim Sikhhs or Christians and fought hard against the British who committed atrocious deeds. Please ask yourselves what is the difference between the then British and our govts now who are doing the same to the Kashmiris.
      Being a Kashmiri on Pakistans side who was born in Punjab of Pakistan I have come to the conclusion both India and Pakistan should let go of their stubborn ideas and let the Kashmiris unite and let them live Independantly as they did before 1947. Kashmir can become hospitable to both Pakistanis and Indians and we can live peacefully as this land will not go any where and nor pak or India will lose anything in fact everyone wins.
      Please see the plight of the Kashmiris as your own..

  4. violent barbaric kashmiri muslims very little u define the kashmiris who jump in the river for strangers and lose thier lives while saving the bags of tourist ???? think up on it

  5. Yasir Kashmiri, Srinagar

    Because she lived abroad and understood what it is to have national honour of being Kashmiri. And above all she is not under the influence of RAW or ISI agency mafia. God bless her. She is a proud Kashmir daughter.

    • raja arif minhas

      Great Daughter of soil Mother Land Jamming Kashmir. We KASHMIRI also want independent Jammu Kashmir.

  6. It is a recognised fact that who so ever speak, honour, advocate justice for suppressed, gets abuses, hatred, prejudice from the society he/ she belongs to.Nothing new ….

  7. Mirza P

    Madam Nitasha seems to be totally brain washed.What will our status be in an independent Kashmir when we had no status in the current one.We will be totally wiped out.Wake up and come out of ur dream world Nitasha.

  8. I am fighting from last fifty years and I have a faith that there is no other solution then Independent United And Secular Jammu Kashmir.
    India can’t leave the Jammu Kashmir for Pakistan, Pakistan fought four wars with India but he did not even take one Meter of Land of JK from India?India also not took POK and Gilgit- Baltistan from Pakistan? Even they constitutionally called POK and GB as a part of India ? From 1990 Pakistan starts armed struggle and they send more then 95000 thousand Guns, Arms and Ammunition and thousands of Jahadis but Kashmiris lost more then 80000 thousand people .Pakistan and Some people are making this Struggle fundamental religious Struggle but scenario of the World had been changed no country is helping those who are fighting with arms, even if your struggle is justified ?
    The only solution is that both countries allover JK people on both sides of the line to Recreate United Democratic and secular state of Jammu Kashmir as was before of partition. Otherwise continued dispute can result in great disaster for the subcontinent. We must care not only for the people of the State but Hundred fifty Million people of the sub continent and there prosperity.
    Only one solution Independent,United Secular Jammu Kashmir!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

    • Tribawan

      Is jammu interested ir do they go by dictates of kashmirus
      Ditto leh
      Ditto ladKh
      And how about azad kashmir?.

  9. Raniees

    None has the slightest idea of how Independent Kashmir can exist or survive. I did see someone referring to Bhutan however Bhutan is fully sponsored by India in all respects…so as off now does independent Kashmir need sponsors like India when it’s Indian controlled anyways…does Independent Kashmir need sponsorship from Pakistan.. not to my knowledge.. during floods Pakistan didn’t operate in POK as their residents were on divine mercy. So who needs independence and from whom?

  10. B. A. Bashir

    She deserves praise for bringing facts to the front which obviously pricks those who thrive on lies. She has proved to be the daughter of soil without any political color or communal paint which is not tolerable for many.Instead of resorting to cheap mentality of abusing her to exhibit intellectual bankruptcy one should come out with facts to contradict which has not been done. Majority of the whole state of JK will endorse her views that is what scares those who oppose her…. Why not to go for trial then. God bless you Natasha every Kashmiri irrespective of his religious affiliation has to be proud of you



  12. In curfew a yatra bus happens a accident near anantnagh and during curfew the locals come wth own vechiles and take them yatras in hospital wthout any profit and for humanity ..the kashmiries take own life in risk and help vistors in any way curfew ,hartals ,bad weather ..
    We love india ..we love indian people but we want sepreate kashmir ..
    We want free kashmir
    We want freedom of kashmir from both regions pak as well as india ..
    Plzz leave us ..
    Plzz give us our birth rght freedom


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