This man can help you to live a happy & successful life

Do you know that that you can work with an International  Life Transformation Expert right here in Jammu city,  if you want to become happy, have beautiful & loving relationships,  have an attractive and imposing personality & be super successful?

Dr. Maruti Sharma, is an International Celebrity Life Transformation Expert; he belongs to Jammu city and has been working for last twenty years with people from all over the world. He is a Life Transformation Specialist, Meditation, Happiness & Enlightenment Teacher, Author, Speaker and founder of University of Life. His work has touched over one hundred thousand people spread across one hundred countries. He clientale includes Universities, Medical Schools, Multinationals with turnover in Billions, Celebrities, Professionals, & students. He loves working with children. 

Here are some excerpts from his journey..

U4UVoice: You started working as a Life Transformation Expert in 1995, which is a very unusual career choice even today. How did this idea strike your mind?

Dr. Maruti: It was an accident. It just happened like most beautiful things in life like love. Back in 1995, there was no internet in Jammu. There were no good television programs which meant zero exposure. I used to sit in Ranbir Library to read all sorts of books. I was always interested in books which elaborate on unconventional thoughts and though processes. Reading those was my way to make myself better. And then I met my teacher who put the idea of being a life coach into me and that’s how I started my career as a life coach.


U4UVoice: When you started working in 1995, it was a totally different concept at least in a city like Jammu. How did you even find your clients?
Dr. Maruti: It was a new concept even in India. Back then we used to distribute fliers but mostly, it was the word of mouth. If I had helped somebody, he used to go on to tell other people and this is how people found me. I like the results that I get for people to speak for me. It works. Even with little advertising, I am always packed.
During an training session in St. Mary's Convent School
During an training session in St. Mary’s Convent School
U4UVoice: Who was your first client/student?
Dr. Maruti: I can’t really share the name for professional reasons, but yes, he was a student of class 3 but now he is now a very successful engineer from IIT and the best part is, we are good friends now and often catch up.

U4UVoice: You have completed two decades of transforming people’s life. How was the journey like?

Dr. Maruti: I feel absolutely great and can say that I am excited and looking forward to do more. I have worked with people from all over the world and it is such an enriching experience. Seeing people happy and successful is a wonderful feeling. I mean, if I ever get a chance to live my life again, I will not do it any different but definitely do it much better, much more and much more quickly. Today we live in an exciting world, with all the tech out there, it is so easy to reach people.


U4UVoice: What is your process of converting an ordinary person into a successful human being?

Dr. Maruti: Each person is unique. This is the beauty of life. So there cannot be a fixed process, however, the principle of transformation remain the same.The process is customised keeping in mind the goals, limitations and personality of a learner. There is nothing like ‘one size fits all’  kind of training.

Teaching the girls of GGHSS
Teaching the girls of GGHSS

U4UVoice: What is a standard advice you give to all of your students?

Dr. Maruti: Find your vision. Don’t try to fit in. Live a designer life. Break free from preset mindsets. You deserve the best; don’t settle for mediocrity.

U4UVoice: You have worked all over the world. What makes you always come back to Jammu?

Dr. Maruti: no place like home and Nothing like home town. I love my city and also love travelling and I have a dream to make Jammu city as a Life Transformation Destination. It feels great that people from all over the world are visiting  us here for guidance and life redesign.

A moment while judging the Miss Himalayan Princess 2014
A moment while judging the Miss Himalayan Princess 2014

U4UVoice: We have heard that you choose your students. What are the traits you look for in a person before picking them?

Dr. Maruti: I should like the person and the person should like me.

U4UVoice: You have trained all age groups. What is your favorite lot?

Dr. Maruti: My favorite is kids between 7 and 14. I also love teaching parenting skills.

Spreading Happiness is his mission
Spreading Happiness is his mission

U4UVoice:  Where do you see yourself in next ten years?

Dr. Maruti: Researching, writing and teaching happiness, meditation and communication.

U4UVoice:  What is your biggest achievement of last 20 years?

Dr. Maruti: I am alive, happy and ready to work for next 20 years. That is something to feel great about.

U4UVoice: Any message or a piece of advice for our readers

Dr. Maruti: Be happy. Think why you are doing, whatever you doing. Live your life first hand and try to leave a mark. Be free, be fearless.

By Akanksha Gupta

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  • January 21, 2016 at 12:21 am

    He is a Motivational speaker and Inspirational person who enriched others by their visions either including his ideas and thoughts.
    I had also got a chance to grow his guidance but I loose because of my own fault but
    Most of all I’m glad and happy


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