This man in Tiranga Rally had a message for Azadi Seeking Kashmiris


Jammu, 08 September: A massive Tiranga rally was organized in Jammu by different groups to express their solidarity with Indian Army alongwith paramilitary forces. Organizers of the rally also mentioned that while the people in Kashmir continue to protest and target security forces, the people in Jammu are support the sacrifices of the Indian Army.

The ‘Tiranga Rally’ was organised by the Jammu Citizen Forum in association with Team Jammu and other youth forums. The man in this picture was a highlight in the rally yesterday. In a picture sent to U4UVoice by @arush_9596 via Twitter, this man can be seen holding the Indian Tricolour. The youth also said that the protests for Azadi in Kashmir do not reflect the sentiment of the other regions of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is pertinent to mention that very recently different groups in Ladakh and Jammu have denounced the protests in Kashmir with some groups demanding that the regions be separated from the valley completely. An MP from Ladakh had called the Azadi protests in the valley ‘Mindless’.

tiranga-rally-2  tiranga-rally-1

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