This Raksha Bandhan pledge to treat every girl with respect

This Raksha Bhandhan pledge to treat every girl with respect, they are someone else’s sister too.

As rakhi is around the corner there is much of  hustle bustle around the city. But do we actually know the true meaning of the festival and why do we celebrate it ?

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Yeah, this is what is needed to be understood by every man in our culture. Raksha Bhandhan is a festival in which a brother vows to protect his sister in every difficult situation in her life.

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But, why does the same brother forgets to protect someone else’s sister when she is on the streets waiting for a bus, driving a car or just walking on her way. why does the same brother bully her?

The true meaning of Raksha Bhandhan will only be justified when the women clan gets the esteem they deserve.  Rapes, domestic violence, eve teasing are on hype in our country which is certainly erasing the true motives of  the festivals we celebrate.

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You owe a lot to a woman as she is your sister, mother, wife and your lives charger. This Raksha Bhandhan swear to treat every women with regard as she is someone else’s sister too.


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