This Secunderabad man cheated people in J&K for Rs. 1 crore selling ‘Magical Stone’

In a major achievement, Crime Branch, Jammu has succeeded in
effecting a huge recovery of an amount of more than `1.00 Crore from an organized gang of criminals involved in cheating the public by selling a heavenly object (Rice Puller/Copper Irridium/Trathgola) purportedly used for Space Research but was in reality a hoax.

Two fraudsters Venkata Krishna Modegula R/O Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad and Sandeep Singh Rana R/O Paryot, Doda involved in the infamous Trathgola (Rice Puller/Heavenly Object) case, have been arrested by Crime Branch, Jammu from Secundrabad, Telangana and Jammu respectively.

These startling revelations were made by Sh. Munir Ahmed Khan, IPS IGP State Crime Branch, J&K that on the written complaint lodged by one Sh. Raj Kumar Gupta R/O Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, who had alleged that he was duped by a gang of interstate fraudsters on the pretext of selling a precious item (Trathgola/copper Irridium) for a whooping amount of 8.00 Crores, SSP Crime Branch Jammu, Mubassir Latifi constituted a special team to investigate this unique case in which an organized gang of criminals has duped not  only the complainant but also has been involved in similar cases and have looted number of people.

The team headed by Inspr. Parvez Sajjad laid a well planned trap in a very professional manner and succeeded in apprehending the main kingpin of the gang namely Venkat a Krishna Modegula from Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh, who had advanced the allurements to the complainant on the pretext of being a qualified scientist having affiliation with NASA and DRDO etc. and who issued certifications in favour of the so called precious metal and in turn took a huge amount of `3.00 Crores from the complainant. An amount of ` 1.5 Lacs and one licensed pistol (purchased from the looted amount) was also recovered from another accused Sandeep Rana R/O Paryot Doda who is also an active and
important member of this gang.

After his arrest the accused Venkata Krishna Madgulla preferred a bail application before the Hon’ble court of Ld. Chief Judicial Magistrate, Jammu but the same was rejected after being forcibly resisted by the prosecution of the Crime Branch with the observations that the accused was the part of the wide network spread all over the country to allure and cheat the innocent persons and in case concession of bail is extended there is every likelihood that the offences may be repeated and more innocent persons may be allured and cheated.

After having exhausted all the available remedies the accused finally broke and surrendered an amount of ` 1.00 Crores before the Crime Branch, Jammu.  Investigation of the case is still under progress and more arrests and recovery of the remaining amount is expected in the coming days.

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